Let's Talk Breastfeeding


Let’s Talk Breastfeeding…

These information sheets are meant to help you start talking about breastfeeding with your health care provider, and keep talking about breastfeeding all through your pregnancy.

At different appointments with your health care provider you can:

  • Talk about one breastfeeding topic at a time

  • Ask questions you may want to talk about

  • Start thinking about the next breastfeeding topic

  • Receive more resources to help you find the right support for you

You can also call us here at NMC. We are made up of mothers just like you. We are here to help answer questions and give you the support you need to reach your breastfeeding goals. You can can call us seven days a week!

To download each of the parts of the series, please click on the links below:


Part 1: Why Breastfeed

Part 2: Milk Supply

Part 3: Everyone Can Take a Role

Part 4: Foods, Drinks, & Medication

Part 5: Returning to Work

Part 6: Skin to Skin Early Breastfeeding Experience

Part 7: Learning to Breastfeed

Part 8: How Breastfeeding Changes

Terms of Use:  This series is intended for expectant mothers to download once for personal use.  Copying and distribution is not permitted.  If you are a provider interested in obtaining this series for use in your practice, please contact Winn at

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