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About the Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon

For over 40 years, the Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon has provided the community with breastfeeding support and education. We are an all volunteer-run, non-profit organization committed to making breastfeeding support accessible for all through one on one support, group classes, pump rentals, and community education.


Our mission is to…

SUPPORT other mothers in their breastfeeding goals through information and nonjudgmental encouragement.

PROMOTE the value of breastfeeding community-wide through education and strategic partnerships.

PROTECT a mother’s commitment to breastfeeding for as long as she and her child mutually desire.


NMC in the News

NMC supporter Marion Rice authored an article in the May 2011 issue of NW Kids Magazine about pumping after returning to work. If you are an employee returning to work and intended to express milk or need assistance working with your employer to ensure your success on returning to work, one of our volunteers is ready to assist you. Contact us at 503.282.3338 or info@nursingmotherscoulse.org to get started.

In 2010 Tonya Hirte, former NMC Peer Counselor and Treasurer, was interviewed on CNN’s The Situation Room, for her experiences expressing breast milk at work. See the interview below:

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley added an amendment to the Health Care Reform Law that will give new mothers privacy and flexible break times to pump breastmilk once they return to work.

Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon 2009 benefit video 2009 Produced by Brynden McNew and Kevin Hasenkopf.